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ASA will help your Business to improve its profitability through enhanced Performance Management and Staff Selection. By providing ‘best practice’ practical, business focused advice and training we can assist with:

•    Identifying the Core Competences for your organisation.
•    Job Analysis and writing Job Descriptions
•    Competency based Selection for recruitment and promotion
•    Design and management of Assessment and Development Centres.
•    The use of Occupational and Psychometric Tests.
•    Executive and Management Selection
•    Development of Performance Appraisal policies and procedures
•    Management Development Policies
•    Succession Planning, Talent Management & Career Planning
•    Executive Coaching

Our Assessment and Selection services use proven methods and tools including a range of Occupational Tests and Psychometric instruments developed and verified by leading edge providers. The approach used by ASA Consultants has achieved measurable results in large and small organisations in both the private and public sectors in the UK and internationally.

To ensure effective implementation of new policies and procedures, we place a strong emphasis on developing the skills and knowledge of your staff through one-to-one and group coaching and training. We also provide advice and support for planning communication and change management strategies.

Career Advicemore

Maybe you’ve become bored with your present job or perhaps you’re facing redundancy or early retirement and need help in identifying new opportunities. ASA  career counselling will help you to identify your preferred areas of work.

CEB - SHL Assessments On-linemore

•  Online assessment
•  Unsupervised administration 24/7
•  Pre-screening online
•  HR administration and line manager interviewing

Additional services for CEB - SHL trained users who will have access to all reports. Details on request.

Saville Consulting WAVE & Abilitymore

We offer the full range of Saville Consulting WAVE Professional Assessments as well as 360 Feedback and ability tests. For details contact ; enquiries@asaperfmgmt.com

Assessment & Developmentmore

 An Assessment or Development Centre is a rating process  designed to minimise as many forms of potential rater bias as possible and to ensure that each partlcipant is given equal opportunity to demonstrate ability across a range of standardised situations.

ASA will help you to design the most appropriate form of Assessment or Development Centre to meet your specific business needs cost effectively and efficiently. For further information contact  angela.sheen@asaperfmgmt.com

ASA Performance Management is a member of:


“ Angela Sheen worked on an interim basis for the Public Trust Office, and its successor organisation, the Office of the Public Guardian, from June 2000 to June 2001.  The Public Trust Office, an executive agency within the Lord Chancellor’s Department, was going through an intensive Change Programme designed to raise the level of service given to its clients. As part of the Programme, a comprehensive review of HR policies and practices was undertaken with the intention of introducing “best HR practice” and anticipating the Modernising Government agenda. Although taken on as a Personnel Generalist, Angela quickly found herself involved in a fundamental review of the PTO’s recruitment and selection practices. She made radical and beneficial changes to the existing procedures, including the introduction of Assessment Centres and Occupational Personality Questionnaires in the face of union opposition.  She led a major upgrading of the organisation’s recruitment processes, including coaching and training managers, briefing to staff at all levels and giving feedback and support to individuals. She managed a number of high volume recruitment campaigns against tight deadlines, working long hours to achieve targets. She displayed high levels of professional commitment and gave strong support to fellow team-workers.  ”

Adrian Rickards, HR Director, Office of the Public Guardian

“  Angela supported the roll out of the Public Trust Office (now Office of the Public Guardian) re-structure. She assisted in the design and delivery of support workshops for those impacted by the changes as well as a number of management development interventions. She is a practical, hands on HR professional who gets results and influences at all levels. She’s great to work with. Claire Martin Interim Change Adviser at Department of Business, Innovation & Skills”

Claire Martin Interim Change Adviser at Department of Business, Innovation & Skills

“Angela has a natural ability to talk calmly to teenagers and has an unrivaled knowledge of psychometric testing and the scientific approach applied by most major employers today.
 Angela worked with my 17 year old son who was unsure of how to be successful with the application process especially given today’s scientific approach to interviewing.  Shortly afterwardwards he applied for a job with a well known company and his application was successful.  I expect to further engage Angela’s services as my children move through the stages of their University and early career applications.


Fiona Grindrod, 
Just Wills Ridgeway

“For the past 18 months we have been using ASA psychometric testing methods and are very pleased with the results. For new applicants it gives us an insight into the candidate which we are unable to discover during an interview. For our existing staff we use the results of the testing methods to improve their abilities and work on their weaknesses. This is done in a structured manner with a Performance Development Plan for each individual. We intend to continue using ASA testing methods as they are a convenient and simple way to improve the skills of our personnel”

Hans Buijnsters Vice President & COO, NeoNickel, Walker Industrial Park, Guide, Blackburn, BB1 2QE United Kingdom April 2016

“Angela is a professional and dedicated HRM expert in financial services. She has worked with us in many assignments over the years, in settings as culturally diverse and challenging as Egypt and Papua New Guinea. Angela is self-powered and assured enough to get to grips rapidly with any new situation and to make clear to her counterparts what needs doing, and how most practically to get it all underway.”

Jan Cherim, Director, Financial Access Consulting Services BV

“Using the ASA Bureau Service has enabled me to provide my clients with a really fast and responsive turnaround service for their on-line SHL psychometric testing at affordable prices. From the initial setting up phase through to the day-to-day service, ASA Performance Management have been on hand to provide me with the support to respond to different client requirements whilst developing my skills and knowledge of utilizing the functionalities of the system. I have been delighted in the way Angela has added SHL products to the system in response to my clients needs, resulting in a great business partnership.”

Kim Larkins, Director, KSL Training

“ Neil Friedman Divisional Director at Verrus Group **HEADHUNTER WITHIN THE CIVIL ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION SECTORS** Angela is one of the rare breed I have come across with a genuine mixture of professionalism, sense of urgency, top knowledge of her industry and willingness to go the extra mile. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend her services highly enough.”

Neil Friedman, Verrus Group

“ASA reviewed our human resource management systems and made radical but beneficial changes to the existing procedures including personnel performance appraisal, training strategy, selection procedures.”

Po Shin Chang, Chairman, CHANG HWA BANK (CHB)

“ASA advised the client bank on job grading systems, salary systems and performance assessment systems, as well as on management skills in coaching, giving appraisals, interviewing, and the practice of management. ASA has proven to be competent on the "best practice"  … [and] accomplished substantial progress in professionalizing HR management.  ”

Sjoerd van der Voet - ING Institutional and Government Advisory Services

“Angela has been a great person to work with during various projects we’ve collaborated on. Most importantly, she has always believed in what she delivers, and is able to convey her beliefs and enthusiasm to inspire others with clear and constructive directions on her projects. She also pays attention to cultural differences, and assesses latent factors instead of judging by face value. She always makes an effort to work together with the client on a project. As a result, the clients are willing to open up and to listen to her. These qualities were extremely valuable when so many were interviews needed to give suitable recommendations aligned with the current best practice. On the CHB project, she demonstrated her capabilities to deliver her own recommendations. She conducted pilot projects to transfer the core knowledge to the local staff and made every effort to ensure they were able to either deliver the actions themselves, or assess the effectiveness of the recommended solutions such as assessment centres, job evaluations and other relevant training. She also showed interest in learning what already worked well in the past, and demonstrated her skills at integrating the existing advantages into the new practices. On a personal note, she is a great mentor, a fine colleague, and has long been an inspiration to me.  ”

Tom Chen Project Support, Chang Hwa Bank

“ We have used Angela a number of times during our recruitment process as she has provided us with a wide range of tests & reports which has greatly helped our success rate in recruiting the right candidates. She offers help and advice when necessary and produces the results in a timely manner. Tony Passmore, Managing Director, Passmore Group”

Tony Passmore, Managing Director,Passmore Group